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about us

"I believe that everything that surrounds us and what we absorb has an impact on our equilibrium and stability which results in an never ending quest for sustainable quality. Disposable goods are costly and devaluating. In this sense, I strive to assemble our product range with great care.

In the manufacturing process of a product there should be no losers, but all those involved deserve respect and decent pay for their work."

KARYBU develops and manufactures its own products and supplements them with a variety of products from selected crafts studios but also from leading brands. The range is a combination of furniture, home accessories, fashion, fashion accessories, jewelry, art objects but also exhibitions and events. We focus on best quality, exclusive materials, innovation & design, sustainability, fairness, ingenuity and art aspects.

KARYBU is a growing company with a boutique and café bar in Greece (Tinos), a production line in East Africa and a trading company in Switzerland for sales of KARYBU collections. Soon we will open a showroom/shop and gallery in Basel (CH).

"I am commited that this company will continue to grow, in particular, to secure long-term jobs for crafts and their refinement and also to promote creativity and innovation."



Andrea Kriemler

The founder of KARYBU (born 03/06/1969) grew up in Switzerland and completed her masters degree in economics and business administration in 1999 in Basel, Switzerland. That same year she started her work as the managing director at the Museum of Cultures, Basel. In 2004 she was promoted to deputy director and worked in that position until 2010. She then worked for another 2 years supervising projects such as the reconstruction of the museum shop.

In her activities at the museum, she became familiar with arts and crafts which sparked a passion for materials, techniques and ultimately the products themselves.

In 2010 she opened KARYBU home & fashion (GR), in the following year (2011) KARYBU coffee & wine (GR) and in 2012 KARYBU LTD. (CH).

Each product in the e-shop is indicated by a "tick" sign, whether it was made by hand, derived from a production that works according to fair trade guidelines and regulations, made out of recycled material or the production is environmentally friendly.

This symbol stands for a product that was handmade. These are pieces that can only be produced with specific knowledge and the production time is relatively high.Therefore they are often available in small quantities only. Manual labor enables one to produce a product with minimal resources and to promote working from home. Not only does it reflect education but it also enhances the ability of independent and solution-oriented thinking. Old craft traditions are kept alive and at the same time refined and developed. A craft is often a testimony of time and provides information on existing material in the country of origin, fashion, the political situation, influences, threats, etc.

fair & social

This symbol stands for a product that has been fairly traded and/or produced under socially responsible conditions. Importance is placed on the wage of the workers and on fair labor conditions in the workplace and in the producing countries. This symbol also stands for products from small factories and craft industries that are characterized by social involvement of the locals.


This symbol stands for a product that was either made from waste or waste that has been transformed back into its original state (often glass) and then new products are produced. The main reason is the reduction of the volume of waste, the resulting emissions and resource consumption. The particular products sometimes constitute real stories in themselves (such as the use of wood from old merchant ships), or simply impress with the variety of ideas and creativity.



This symbol stands for organic, eco-friendly products. They are usually made from organic or alternative raw materials that are more environmentally friendly in the extraction process than traditional materials - for example by conserving resources and CO2-neutral and biodegradable.


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