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  • 17/8/2014-27/8/2014
    Contemporary Greek Jewellery by Margarita Myrogianni

    Wilfullness, boldness and meticulous attention to detail are what characterize the artist's collections. Various elements used are from ancient mythology to modern day fantasy tales. Ancient elements such as the eye of Horus, sculpted parts of the....

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  • 9/8/2013-12/8/2013
    Marbled - fine jewelry by Dolly Boucoyannis

    In the beginning of the 19th century, experienced craftsmen carved and chiseled marbles from Tinos for the sidewalks of Athens. Following this story, jewellery designer Dolly Boucoyannis redefines the usage of these marbles, claiming that “beauty....

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  • 20/6/2013-20/7/2013
    Etchings by Liliane-Ève Brendel

    There are pebbles here, And marble, And everywhere water united with the sky in intimate transparency. Imprinting this matter under my bare feet The colour shining behind my eyelids One by one, the shape of each....

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  • 1/5/2013-25/5/2013
    Sketches by Kostas & Vasilis Mitropoulos

    The coffee & wine bar KARYBU is being transformed into coffee, wine & humor bar. "Drinks will be available at the bar. Humor will be available on the walls. Of course nothing is forever. Only diamonds are eternal." The....

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  • 31/8/2012-30/9/2012
    Paintings by David Zimmer

    "At the beginning of a work, there is the technique used, which has influence on what is presented." David Zimmer selected for the exhibition in Tinos works made on paper. "Works on Paper (sketches): They actually started while still....

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  • 1/8/2012-29/8/2012
    States of Luminance

    "There exists a dimension of light which does not correspond to any of the senses. A dimension that exceeds any intelligibility and transcends sensorial perception. It is such a dimension, that when in contact with the minimum, one can detect the....

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  • 28/6/2012-30/7/2012
    Before the words are the pictures

    The pictures of the exhibition "before the words are the picture" originated in Greece on the pages of a chronology of the sixties from Thanassis Valtinos. I started this creation in 1995 and I have continued since then. I have "worked through"....

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  • 12/4/2012-16/5/2012
    Tinos through my eyes

    The occasion of this exhibition was the desire of Andrea Kriemler to issue a series of postcards with themes from Tinos. So she came across Marianne Rohrer Kaser, who with her photographs of people, the environment, the architecture, the customs....

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