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What is a Kikoy?

A “KIKOY” is a woven cloth with a standard size. It is the traditional wraparound garment worn by men along the East African coast.

Today it is worn in many different ways and styles and also used in a range of functional applications like tablecloth, knotted as bag and for many other purposes as well.

A “KIKOY” is characterized by its simple, colorful and varied stripe design.

KARYBU uses only the best quality of locally available Kikoy cloth (100% cotton, very fine weave) and terrycloth.

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Karybu’s kikoy products are sold in many different countries.


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Production focuses on top quality, aesthetics, design and fairness and selects the best local material available.
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All our "Kikoy" products are handmade in East Africa and realized in a sewing workshop, which operates according to the fair trade principles and has been created by four charity organizations in order to generate jobs for the fight against AIDS.
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