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  • 15/5/2013
    KARYBU online

    From today we're on line at last! On our homepage www.karybu.com you can find a good deal of information about us and the events we organize. Soon, you will also be able....

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  • 11/5/2013
    New Brands at the Tinos Boutique

    We open the season 2013 with some new brands in our product range; ERES, Closed, Closed for men, Ancient Greek Sandals and an unique collection of bags from....

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  • 11/11/2012
    Top of Mali - Bogolan from the workshop NDOMO

    Boubakar Doumbia is an artist who is counted among the "outstanding designers" of East- West- and South Africa. He learned the artistic styles of Bogolan and Gala from....

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  • 11/11/2012
    Νew collaboration with a woman cooperative in Bamako, Mali

    The situation in Mali, West Africa, has become worse since the military coup in March 2012 and there is almost a complete lack of tourism. We have therefore....

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  • 16/7/2012

    Until recently there were very few postcards to be found on the island and the majority of them had always the same traditional theme. Since May however, one can buy postcards....

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  • 14/7/2012
    New brands and products at home & fashion KARYBU

    In the fashion sector, we have recently incorporated the following labels to our range: Jean Paul Gaultier, transit, ECUA Andino - Original Panama hats. 

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  • 14/7/2012
    Made in Greece!

    What can we contribute to improve the situation in a country? One solution is certainly to promote locally produced items. So we spent last winter in search of quality....

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  • 13/7/2012
    Top wine; T-OINOS Exclusively at Karybu

    The island of Tinos produces T-OINOS, a top organic wine. Production is relatively small and so far almost all of the wines have been exported. One of the largest customers....

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  • 12/7/2012
    KARYBU coffee & wine; New interior design and customized range

    The experience of last year's (first) season was crucial for the renovations in the cafe-bar. The furniture and interior decoration (minimal and fresh) was changed as....

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