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Elegance and utility go hand in hand with this fireplace screen. The freestanding fire guard is unobtrusive yet attractively designed. Emma screen is perfect for keeping in jumping sparks and hot embers, so you can enjoy the charm of your open fire without any of the drawbacks. A fireplace isn’t always lit, so Emma screen is designed to be beautiful, with or without a fire flickering behind it.

Fireplace Screen Small Emma - Lumière

550,00 €Price
    • Dimensions: 71 x 7 x 52 cm
    • Weight: 5.7 kg
    • Materials:
      Main body: "Lumière" – stainless steel
      Details: Brass 


    The tools are meant to be used around the fire and, over time, their stories will show. Embrace the change as they show signs of usage — as the products take on a natural sheen and begin to mold into the hands that hold them.

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