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For Lluís Porqueras, designing consisted of eliminating the superfluous until an essential object was left: beautiful, useful and simple. This was the case with the Funiculí, a 1979 lamp that Marset reissued in 2013 and which has become an emblem of the collection.

Lightweight, it takes up almost no space and can function as an ambient lamp or for direct light, depending on how you direct the beam. Its designer released the shade to give maximum mobility. It can rotate through 360 degrees to focus the light where you want and also has a double clamp system for height adjustment. For the Funiculí, 40 years are nothing; it has stood the test of time and now comes in new colours that further expand its possibilities. It is no longer only available in the neutrals moss grey, black and off-white.

Marset Funiculí Table Lamp Green

256,00 €Price
    • Color: Green
    • Dimensions:
      shade diameter ø15,5 cm
      base diameter  ø19,7 cm
      height 50,3 cm
      depth 36,2 cm
    • Material:
      Base and stem in lacquered iron. Shade made of lacquered aluminium. Base wrapped with black rubber
    • Designed: by Lluís Porqueras , 2013
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