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COCO-MAT shop in shop

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

Discover the unique experience of handmade sleeping systems, mattresses, beds and pillows, all made of natural materials, as well as the wide variety of organic cotton linen. In the new KARYBU interior showroom you will also find unique solid wood furniture, carpets and many more products for the home, all with the distinctive COCO MAT aesthetics.

Since its inception in 1989, Coco-Mat shares a common vision: To offer enjoyable and quality sleep to those sleeping on its mattresses and beds. So it embraced the indescribable wisdom of nature as a source of inspiration and guide and created innovative products and home furnishings from natural materials such as coco palm, natural rubber, cotton, wool, horsehair, seaweed and wood, all friendly to man and the environment ..

Today, the company is world-renowned, with 107 retail outlets in 17 countries. From the first steps until now, many have changed, but its vision remains unchanged. Every time you wake up happy, having enjoyed your sleep, this vision comes true.

Visit Coco-Mat online.

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