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COCO-MAT sleeping experience

Anyone can tell you that good sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. But there’s more you can do for your well-being than simply being healthy. Above all, there’s being happy.

COCO-MAT shares a common dream; to offer blissful sleep to every person who sleeps on their beds, pillows and mattresses. Innovative products made of natural materials are created, using nature’s wisdom as a guide and source of inspiration.


We return you the half - January 13 to February 29

In this year's winter sales, COCO-MAT gives you the opportunity to buy sleeping products and get a 50% refund off the value of the cheapest product (or cheapest products)! Specifically, by buying two sleeping products or more we return you half the value of the cheapest product to get the next one. Upgrade your sleep quality with COCO-MAT products!

How does it work: Buy 1 sleeping product * // 10% off Buy 2 sleeping products * // 50% off the cheapest product * Buy 3 sleeping products * // 50% off the two cheapest products * Buy 4 sleeping products * // 50% off on three cheaper products * and so on For more information, you can visit our store or contact us.

The offer is valid from 13 January until 29 February.

* Applies to beds, bed bases, mattresses, top- mattresses.

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