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Objects born not made - by Leonie Yagdjoglou

Leonie Yagdjoglou was born in Athens.

She studied Design both in Athens and in the prestigious Art Center College Of Design in Switzerland. As an accomplished designer Leonie is a co-owner of Milk Ltd, a leading branding agency in Greece (

Inescapably, Leonie grows professionally through excelling in design projects and artistically by ceaselessly expressing herself through ceramic art, drawings and painting.

In recent years Leonie finds herself feeling more and more a devotee of the ceramic art, as it combines the two basic elements of her artistic ways of expression: design and painting.

After several exhibitions Leonie’s actual show at Karybu is the most comprehensive presentation of her ceramics artwork to date.

Several lines like “Before Tokyo”, “Stripe or Strike”, “Beans”, “Crazy Japan”, “Frida” and “The Blues” include objects which are both arty and useful.

On the occasion of the opening of her show Leonie said:

“In my atelier ceramic objects are born. Every single object has a story to tell. Each unique piece, a fusion of joy, inner resistance or an unfortunate moment, is hand-thrown and hand-painted. The visual lack of perfection is an intended expression of creativity. I do not wish to form something that looks flawless, but to let the whole process of creation undisguised and, therefore, open to interpretation.

The way I see it, the objects are never finite. They are recreated again and again or at least revisited by the person that will love them.”

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