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Time for two! - Coco-Mat sales

Combine 2 sleeping products and get 1 FREE *

In this summer's sales COCO-MAT upgrades your sleep and you double the benefit, as it is… Time for two!

And what does that mean? That you can get a sleeping product with its FREE* pair! Why would anyone not want a 4-layer divine sleep system, paying for only 2 of the 4 products it consists of?

How does it work;

Select the sleeping product you want and take with it another for FREE*!

Offer applies to 1. Wooden Beds, 2. Bed bases, 3. Mattresses (Atlas & Proteas) 4. Upper-mattresses and upper upper-mattresses for complementary product combinations and second product for FREE*.

Here are some examples of combinations below:

• Proteas Mattress -> GIFT* the Orestis base

• Atlas Mattress -> GIFT* the Iviskos upper-mattress

• Bed base Pyrros -> GIFT* Proteas Mattress

• Upper-mattress Kiriaki -> FREE* the Iviskos upper-mattress


* The gift is the lowest value product

** Applies to beds, mattresses (Atlas & Proteas), upper-mattresses up to 12 interest free installments

*** The offer does not apply to combinations of the same products, but to a combination of complementary products


• The promotion is valid from July 8 until August 31 2019.

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