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The bench was conceived for wood, as an alternative to vertical wood storage. Like many of our other products, we wanted to design a product that looks beautiful on its own, regardless of whether it’s completely empty or filled with wood.

This incredibly versatile product can store anything you like, not just logs, and it can also be used as a bench by up to two people (depending on how close you like to sit).

Bench Ninne - Cream White

960,00 €Price
    • Dimensions: 94w x 39d x 49h cm
    • Materials:
      Main body: Powder coated steel
      Details: Custom brass screws


    The tools are meant to be used around the fire and, over time, their stories will show. Embrace the change as they show signs of usage — as the products take on a natural sheen and begin to mold into the hands that hold them.

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