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The Gluggle Jug by WADE Ceramics has been produced in England for more than 150 years! It is still produced sustainably in England today. Unlike its copies, the Gluckigluck gurgles and may be used for drinking. Only the original has its name stamped under the base - that's how you can double check!

Once filled with water, the XL jug cannot be lifted by younger enthusiasts alone. It has a large belly, gurgles longer and deep. If it is used at the dinner table, there is no need to constantly refill it because it holds more liquid per se.

    Copper Gluckigluck Gluggle Jug XL

    127,00 €Price
    • Dimensions: width 17cm x height 27,5 cm

      Capacity: 1,2 liter

      Composition: durable stoneware

      Certified to drink out of it.


      Handmade in the UK

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