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10K Yellow Gold Cord Bracelet with a single Sigma element, 0.020CT White Diamonds and a Black Rhodium finish around the diamonds – cord colour Light Blue. Sold  with a 10K Yellow Gold Sigma clasp.

Pick your favourite cord colour: Light Blue, Khaki or Sand.

You can personalise your bracelet by adding individual pieces of your choice; just easily open the clasp, add the elements of your choice, and build your custom-made diamond bracelet with infinite compositions.

Charnières Sigma Bracelet Design1 by Yannis Sergakis

250,00 €Price
    • Metal: Yellow Gold 10K
    • Diamond Carats: 0.020CT
    • Diamond Clarity: SI
    • Shape: Round
    • Cut: Brilliant
    • Cord material: 95% acrylic and 5% ramie, made in Japan. Intense exposure to water and sun can affect the length and longevity of the cord. The cord ends are treated by hand to prevent the unravelling of the thread, any attempt to cut them will result to the deterioration of the cord.
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