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Hose Deluxe, exclusive spraygun Lux with 10 programs, hose hanger in matt metal, velvet bag.

The hoses are made of a very durable textile and inside a latex hose for best quality.

Garden Hose Deluxe Set 25m Black

165,00 €Price
  • Flat: For gentle watering of flowers, plants & shrubs.
    Shower: Recommended setting for washing your pets.
    Mist: Ideal for watering large areas.
    1/2 Vert: Reaches long distances for lawn watering.
    Vertical: Powerfully fills buckets & watering cans.
    Angle: Perfect for rinsing soap from vehicles.
    Soaker: Rinse off larger stains.
    Cone: Suitable for long distance and dispersive sprinkling.
    Rinse: Wash your belongings thoroughly.
    Center: Middle spray, precise washing items.

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