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Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune 2010.

Kilt Open 137 is an open sideboard that is manufactured in oak veneer in various colours. Fits well as a TV bench or media furniture. 

Kilt is a series of cabinets and sideboards characterized by doors and drawers hidden behind a grid pattern. The proportions follow the principle of the golden ratio used in classical architectural design.

Kilt Open 137

4.160,00 €Price
Delivered 9-10 weeks after the order is placed
  • Dimensions: 

    • Height: 60 cm
    • Width: 137 cm
    • Depth: 43,5 cm.
    • Feet: 5 cm


    Material: Stained Oak


    Color options:

    • Natural Stained Oak
    • White Stained Oak
    • Black Walnut Stained Oak
    • Dark Smoked Stained Oak


    Made in Sweden

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