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Seasonal color: Juta & Delfino


This extremely smooth, thin and light cotton fabric (70 grams/metre) has become one of the favourite materials for several of the Society Limonta home couture collections. The Nite sheet is made from an extra-fine cotton - Italian grandmothers call it “egg skin” for its extreme softness and resilience.  It’s both very practical and soft, uplifting embrace around your body.  The sheets can be machine washed at 40°, are fast-drying and don’t need to be ironed. Thanks to the wide colour range, Nite Sheets can be matched to all the bed collections, but they go particularly well with froissé linen, both from a colour point of view and for the typical mix & match style that is at the heart of the Society Limonta philosophy - a love of combining different types of fabric and shades of colour.

Nite Flat Sheet - Society Limonta

395,00 €Price
Delivery time: up to 6 weeks after your order and payment has been placed
  • Dimensions: 270 x 290 cm

    Composition: Cotton 100%

    Weight: 74 gr./mq.

    This garment has been made using special dying and finishing processes, which confer the item an exclusive “used” look: this, along with potential irregularities related to the dying are distintive traits of the product and should not be considered faults at all.

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