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Ruanas Rumi ponchos are made entirely from the soft, warm and prestigious wool of Baby Alpaca from Peru. Baby Alpaca is the finest wool produced by the adult animal. This wool does not pilling, so you can enjoy your poncho for many years. Thanks to its lightness and comfort, it will be your best companion in any season. It is woven with high quality Peruvian know-how. The Ruanas Rumi poncho can be worn even on the most sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic.nIts elegant, classic, and timeless style will allow you to easily combine it with your outfits. Slip it on over trousers or a dress, depending on the occasion, and choose a casual or more sophisticated style. 

Ruana Rumi Poncho

300,00 €Price
Color: Black
  • Composition: 100% Baby Alpaca

    Dimensions: L177 x W148 cm

    Weight: 410g


    Hand finished in Peru

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